Atelier Prélude Showroom Preview Party

Atelier Prélude is a French start-up based in San Francisco dedicated to using natural fabrics and promoting sustainable fashion. I learned about them through my involvement with the Bastille Day SF 2018 event, where they were one of the exhibitors.

In addition to their online store, they now have a brick and mortar shop! The Atelier Prélude Showroom is located in the historic Mills Building in San Francisco’s Financial District.


Today (September 1) was their exclusive preview party! (The Grand Opening will be on September 6.)

It was a pleasure to meet the owner, Virginie, whose collection features soft cashmere sweaters, wraps, and ponchos; striped dresses, linen and silk scarves. Many of the pieces are hand-painted or hand-dyed, making them truly one-of-a-kind!

Virginie greeted each guest as they entered the intimate showroom then invited them to enjoy a cocktail, compliments of Branded Spirits USA, who sponsored the soft opening of the Atelier Prélude Showroom.

As French music by artists, like Indochine and Carla Bruni, played in the background, she said we could try on anything we’d like in the fitting room.

Apart from wearing silver jewelry, I like to accessorize with scarves. While browsing their online catalog, I absolutely fell in love with the liquid shibori silk scarf in the shade of stone. When I asked Virginie if she had this scarf in the showroom, she regretfully told me they had sold out of them. As an alternative, however, she showed me a similar scarf in green.

It was equally beautiful! I like silk, but I always worry that it’s too delicate and that I’d mess it up. Reassuringly, Virginie told me her scarves are easy to clean.

It’s only September, but these luxurious pieces are already making me think of Christmas gifts for special family and friends!

Virginie (left) is wearing the Aslihan dress from her collection

So if you’re in San Francisco, make an appointment to visit the showroom:

Atelier Prélude Showroom, 272 Bush Street in San Francisco.

Atelier Prélude (website)


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And in case you’re wondering about the beverages, check out:

Branded Spirits USA (website)

Hana Gin (website)

(Please note: The links I’ve provided here are for information only. These are not affiliate links. This post is not sponsored.)

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