It’s September and everyone is back at school, the wind is starting to blow, and pumpkin spice everything is popping up everywhere! While autumn is my favorite season, I’m still hanging on to those dog days of summer – like the time the family and I went to Lavender Days!

The 3rd Annual Lavender Days event was held on the weekend of June 23-24, 2018 at Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company in Fairfield, California (about 47 miles/ 76 km northeast of San Francisco).

The scent reminded me of France (photo credit: Jennifer)

We attended two brief presentations. The first was by a local lavender farmer who described her years-long process of building a lavender labyrinth.

The second presenter brought three types of lavender. She described each of their distinctive traits: English (good for cooking and making wreaths), Spanish (looks like a pineapple with bunny ears), and French lavender, which is what most people think of when they see swaying purple fields in Provence!

Family-friendly activities: potting your own lavender plant and making sachets

In between presentations, another local lavender farmer treated us to a lavender oil-making demonstration using the copper distiller he brought. (Hint: it takes lots of lavender and many hours to get about one gallon.)

That’s the copper distiller in front of the white canopy

It was triple-digit weather that June afternoon, and unlike hardy lavender that thrives in the heat, we needed some refreshment to cool down. Fortunately, they were selling gelato! They had raspberry and stracciatella, along with two special flavors. In honor of Lavender Days at the olive oil company, they also offered honey lavender gelato and vanilla gelato with lemon-infused olive oil and sea salt!

raspberry, stracciatella, honey lavender, and vanilla with olive oil and sea salt
(Photo credit: Jennifer)

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