Impeccable Royal Manners

Something that many people don’t know about me is that before I became a self-professed Francophile, I was a bit of an Anglophile and passionate royal watcher!

This post is an update to my July 1, 2018 post, I’m a Royal Watcher.

Look what I received today (December 6, 2018):

For the wedding card I sent them last spring, the Duke & Duchess sent a thank you note along with an apology for the delay. I love their impeccable manners!

Thank YOU, Harry & Meghan. You’ve made my day!


  1. As a Brit, I’m always amazed by how much people around the world love our Royal Family! My English class, in France, know more about our Royals than I do. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a Royal Family either in France or the States? Sorry to be political but I did think Trump was rude when he met the Queen; distinct lack of manners, in my opinion. Anyway, I think it’s lovely that you received a thank you card. Something to treasure, I’m sure.

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    1. Thank you for your comments! You’re exactly right – I think it’s because there’s no royal family in the U.S. that many of us enjoy following the Windsors. Since Duchess Meghan is originally from America, I think the fascination will grow even more!

      I heard about the current POTUS’ visit with HRH last summer and it’s disappointing he didn’t appear to follow protocol nor exhibit the best manners. But perhaps it’s also what the media like to show. According to this fact-checking website, there was more to it. If you want to take a look, here is the link:

      The thank you note Kensington Palace sent on the Royal Couple’s behalf is really beautiful and I’ll treasure it.


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