these napkins are 100 percent recycled

First of all, I mean no disrespect to all of you diehard fans of “The Godfather” movies. I know the true quote is:

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

But it’s a bit too violent, wouldn’t you agree? So just for fun, I changed gun to gum!

I took this picture at a Whole Foods Market in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the napkin holder, with its French message (“Save the planet and your smile, one napkin at a time”) along with an Italian chocolate chip cannoli made me think I was somewhere else, miles away from home…

I imagined I was at a sidewalk café in Paris sitting on a wicker bistro chair.

Next I imagined what cannoli in Italy would taste like!

Then lunch time ended…Back to reality.

What foods do you eat at home have the ability to transport you to another place or time? Tell me in the comments below!