Hat tip to Carolyn of Hawkfeather Stories for inspiring this post! (I enjoy her blog and I’m sure you will, too. Check it out: Hawkfeather Stories)

This week’s Wednesday Postcard was from the commune of Chambord, France. It had not occurred to me that Chambord could be related to the black raspberry liqueur of the same name. That is, until Carolyn asked the question!

I did a little sleuthing and confirmed that, indeed, the Chambord liqueur originated in the same Loire Valley region where the famous castle is located.

Image: BevMo!

Go to the Chambord website and you will find simple, but elegant cocktail recipes for a “French” Martini, Manhattan, Margarita, Lemonade, Spritz, and many others – all using the deep purple raspberry liqueur.

I found a few other cocktail recipes using Chambord:

Chocolate Raspberry Martini – from HoneyAndBirch

Kir Impérial – from CocktailHunter

Purple Hooter Shooter – from MixThatDrink

Zipper – from TheSpruceEats

Enjoy your cocktail. Cheers! Santé! 🍸