First Decathlon Superstore in United States Opens in Emeryville, California

Bienvenue / Welcome to the neighborhood!

I learned about Decathlon during my involvement with the Bastille Day SF 2018 event. I volunteered at the Kids’ Playground area, where the youngest guests got to play with Decathlon products, like Turnball, soccer balls, and badminton racquets.

The giant sporting goods retailer, which opened its first store in 1976 in Lille, France, recently welcomed customers to its first superstore in the United States in Emeryville, California (16.7 km/ 10.4 miles east of San Francisco).

Currently, there’s a small Decathlon store in downtown San Francisco. But across the bay, the new superstore is six times larger. It’s interactive, too. I tested out the ping pong table, the mini golf course, and giant ropes. I find the labels on store shelves indicating beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels very helpful, too.

Apart from Wii Sports Resort games, my very-occasional athletic repertoire consists of riding a bicycle and playing tennis. Well, that could change now that Decathlon has moved into the neighborhood! I feel empowered to try new sports!

For more information, visit the Decathlon website where they invite you to “Come play with us.”


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