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When I first read about American skincare and makeup company, Glossier, I read it as Glossy-er. When I learned it was pronounced Glossy-yay, I thought, Oh la la! C’est très chic, non?

The brand is currently all the rage with millennials, beauty gurus, and, ahem, Francophiles! Go to YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos of excited Glossier fans opening their boxes of goodies, like this short unboxing/haul video I made with my younger daughter:

Glossier recently released a new product called Bubblewrap. It’s one cream that does double duty as an under eye cream and a lip plumping cream. How efficient! I was sold! So I went to their website and placed my first Glossier order.

I decided to forgo my daily iced matcha green tea latte for a week and spend $26 on a 0.74 fl oz/ 22 ml tube of Bubblewrap!

Good thing a little goes a long way! I squeezed a 1/4 cm size drop of Bubblewrap onto my ring finger and I was able to apply three dots under each eye. After rubbing it under my eyes, the area looked smoother. I didn’t try it on my lips, though, as I wanted to try Glossier’s lip balm.

I ordered the Balm Dotcom Trio in Birthday, Mint, and Rose (four other flavors are available). I love each tube’s minimalist design. It looks like a small tube of toothpaste!

Again, a little goes a long way. After applying a tiny bit of Mint Balm Dotcom, my lips felt hydrated and smooth, just like Glossier said they would! I also like to apply the universal skin salve onto my cuticles. It’s a convenient way to pamper them until I can get proper manicures (which for me are few and far between!)

Glossier currently has stores in New York City and Los Angeles. They also ship orders to the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and France.

To learn all about their cruelty free products, like serums, face masks, lipsticks, highlighters, and more, visit the Glossier website.

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