Wednesday Postcard: Mallorca, Spain

Bonjour! This week’s carte postale is from Mallorca, Spain! It’s the largest of the three Balearic Islands, located east of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.

One of my dearest friends sent me this postcard featuring Port de Pollença (Puerto de Pollensa), which is located on the northern part of Mallorca.

She tells me that the people on this island, also known as Majorca, are very friendly. She and her family also enjoy the ocean, good food, and sunshine there!

For more information:

See Mallorca – official website

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Postcard: Mallorca, Spain

      1. However, I want to visit Sicily first. I’ve been researching that for a while now. No vacations planned right now because our dog is a senior and is not getting around very well. Sicily will have to wait.

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      2. I don’t have any pets, but I hear you… When you said Sicily will have to wait, it reminded me of a movie called, Paris Can Wait. Have you seen it? It’s on my to-do list…

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