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Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who’s a fan of all things French? Need help finding something they’ll love? Look no further – I’ve made a short list of gift ideas that are sure to please!

  • Fleur-de-lis bookends, like these:
  • advent calendar: 24 limited-edition mini jars of jam, spreads, and honey (like these by Bonne Maman, available through Simply Gourmand)
  • chocolate-covered caramels (like Michoko, available through French Wink)*
  • for budding Francophiles/Francophones — French first words language workbook for kids in Grades 1-3. I bought one from Target:
  • subscription to a magazine (like this bilingual English/French magazine, France-Amérique)bilingual magazine
  • blank journals and notebooks (like these by Rhodia)
  • Paris notecards, like these:

  • triple-milled soap (like these by Le Petit Marseillais, available through Monoprix or Amazon)
these soaps have a light and fresh scent and make lots of bubbles
  • short stories or novels set in France (available at bookstores everywhere)
bargains at Barnes & Noble
  • Celebrating France’s World Cup 2018 victory, these reusable drawstring bags are both stylish and useful. I found these at Soccer Post, but you can purchase them from online stores, like eBay


  • Another one for budding Francophiles — Children’s books, like the Fancy Nancy series:

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