Wednesday Postcard: Menton, France

Bonjour! This week’s carte postale features Le Pont Saint-Louis (St. Louis Bridge) in Menton, located in the South of France.

I recently acquired this vintage postcard and then this week I read a wonderful post by Rebecca of Rebecca Goes Rendezvous about her visit to the French Riviera town! (You can read her post here >> Destination: Menton, France)

I took it as a sign urging me to visit! In the meantime, I’ll take it as a sign telling me to feature this postcard this week, so here it is!

Did you know?

🇲🇨 Until 1848, Menton was part of the Principality of Monaco

  • During its invasion of France in June 1940, Italy captured Menton

🍋 The lemon became the symbol of Menton since the town is located in the only region in France where lemons can grow

For more information:

The Lemon Festival – Fête du Citron

Menton – Net Provence website

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!


    1. Hope so, too! I tried looking for current images and information about the bridge, but couldn’t find anything; was it destroyed during the war? I hope not. It’s not showing up on Google maps either 🤔

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      1. I likewise tried searching for information on the bridge, but nothing popped off. Either it was destroyed or it has been renamed. I didn’t get close to the border while in Menton, so I can’t really say!

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