South Lake Tahoe – Hwy 50 (November 2012)

The mid-winter break in February is a new concept to me.

When I was in grade school (in the mid-’80s), all I got were two days off in February: one for President Lincoln’s Birthday and the other for President Washington’s Birthday.

These days, there are about 180 instruction days and about 75 no-school days in the United States.

Most schools have fall break (five days during the week of Thanksgiving in November); winter break (10 days in December/January); spring break (five days in March or April); and summer break (50 weekdays between June and August).

In addition, many schools observe five holidays (at least in California): Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday (January); César Chavez’s Birthday (March); Memorial Day (May); Labor Day (September); and Veterans’ Day (November).

Well, it seems the school holiday calendar is changing. For example, the school district in my city added yet another break during the school year: five days off in February — bringing the grand total to 80 no-school days!

The break is dubbed Presidents’ Week, Mid-Winter Break, or Mid-Winter Recess. The term Ski Week appears to be gaining popularity, too (whether or not you hit the slopes!)

However, for some parents with young children, frequent week-long breaks from school present a dilemma: Do parents send the kids to a camp for a week OR do parents take a week off from work, too?

My children get a mid-winter break from school this month and I have decided to join them! I’m thrilled and so grateful we get to take a family trip this year.

More to come on my “Ski Week”…