Ski Week: the Mid-Winter Break

South Lake Tahoe – Hwy 50 (November 2012)

The mid-winter break in February is a new concept to me.

When I was in grade school (in the mid-’80s), all I got were two days off in February: one for President Lincoln’s Birthday and the other for President Washington’s Birthday.

These days, there are about 180 instruction days and about 75 no-school days in the United States.

Most schools have fall break (five days during the week of Thanksgiving in November); winter break (10 days in December/January); spring break (five days in March or April); and summer break (50 weekdays between June and August).

In addition, many schools observe five holidays (at least in California): Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday (January); César Chavez’s Birthday (March); Memorial Day (May); Labor Day (September); and Veterans’ Day (November).

Well, it seems the school holiday calendar is changing. For example, the school district in my city added yet another break during the school year: five days off in February — bringing the grand total to 80 no-school days!

The break is dubbed Presidents’ Week, Mid-Winter Break, or Mid-Winter Recess. The term Ski Week appears to be gaining popularity, too (whether or not you hit the slopes!)

However, for some parents with young children, frequent week-long breaks from school present a dilemma: Do parents send the kids to a camp for a week OR do parents take a week off from work, too?

My children get a mid-winter break from school this month and I have decided to join them! I’m thrilled and so grateful we get to take a family trip this year.

More to come on my “Ski Week”…


  1. Ryan would attend camp during his breaks from school and we would schedule our vacations around his breaks too. It wasn’t easy to juggle that’s for sure. Thankful we don’t have to worry about that anymore. So happy that you are getting away with your family to enjoy a little family fun. I’m counting down to my trip as well 😀 See you soon💕
    BTW my French classes are going well. I have to study extra hard though.

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