Visiting Berlin: Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate

After my dear friend and I grabbed some coffee from the Starbucks at Pariser Platz, we walked around the beautiful public square that was named after Paris, France. The name commemorates Prussian troops’ entry into the French capital in 1814 and 1815.

The square is flat, clean, and closed off to motor vehicles — making it safe, family-friendly, and accessible.

Berlin’s most famous landmark, the Brandenburger Tor, or Brandenburg Gate, is located next to it. The gate serves as both a reminder of a divided city, as well as a symbol of peace and reunification.

On top of the Brandenburg Gate is a statue known as the Quadriga. It depicts a goddess of victory and four horses pulling a chariot:

A statue located in the north side column of Brandenburg Gate:

Architectural detail on the west side of Brandenburg Gate:

Facing west toward Tiergarten. The Siegessäule (golden Victory Column) is in the distance:

Platz des 18. März (west side of Brandenburg Gate):

Facing north. Behind the sign, you can see the home of the German parliament, the Reichstag (and a little bit of its dome):

The American Embassy (left) and the Visit Berlin Information Booth (right):

The French Embassy:

In 2002, Michael Jackson dangled his baby, Blanket, out of a balcony window at the luxurious Hotel Adlon Kempinski:

With so much to see, Pariser Platz is the best place to start for first-time visitors to Berlin like me!

Berlin, 18. Feb 2020

*More to come on my visit to Berlin


  1. It has been years since I visited Berlin, and your post brought up fond memories! I’d love to return and take more time to visit it properly, as it was quite rushed last time. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in the German capital!

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