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Title: I Dare You (Appelle Ton Amour)

Songwriter(s): Ben West, Jeff Gitelman, Jesse Shatkin, Laura Veltz, Natalie Hemby, Doriand, Isabelle Geffroy

Performed by: Kelly Clarkson (feat. Zaz)

Lyrics I like:

Si tu n’as pas la scène, tu as toujours ta voix

Si tu n’tiens pas les rênes, tu as toujours le choix


If you don’t have the stage, you still have your voice

If you don’t have the reins, you always have a choice


Kelly Clarkson recorded the song as a multi-language duet with the following artists:

Zaz (“Appelle Ton Amour” – French)

Faouzia (“كنتحداك” – Arabic)

Blas Cantó (“Te Reto A Amar” – Spanish)

Glasperlenspiel (“Trau Dich” – German)

Maya Buskila (“בוא נראה” – Hebrew)

Watch the “I Dare You” (Mega-Mix Global Virtual Performance Video) here:

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