Wednesday Postcard: Binz, Germany

Photo: D. Zielske


This week’s carte postale features the Kurhaus luxury hotel in the city of Binz on the German island of Rügen, located in the Baltic Sea.

My dear friend who lives in Berlin sent me this postcard during one of her visits to the seaside resort a few years ago.

For more information:

Binz: a gorgeous seaside resort

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!


  1. I’ve never actually been to Binz, but in 1993 (or thereabouts) we did a family bicycle tour around other parts of the island of Rügen. This was shortly after German reunification, and Rügen still looked and felt very much like a part of the (East) German Democratic Republic, which for us residents of West Germany was totally fascinating. (Also the prices were still at East German levels, so for us it was an economical vacation.)

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      1. We even went to an open-air musical at the Störtebeker-Festival by the harbor in Ralswiek — an old tradition from GDR times. The story was about a legendary pirate named Klaus Störtebeker who supposedly operated in these waters in the 14th century. The ‘stage set’ included real sailing ships out in the harbor.
        (I’ve just checked, and was not surprised to learn that this year’s Störtebeker-Festival has been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.)

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      2. With sailing and an actual harbor as part of the stage set, I’m sure it must have felt like you were back in time looking at a pirate ship! Too bad the pandemic has put it on pause, but you never know – it may return next year!

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    1. Before my dear friend sent me this postcard, I didn’t even know Germany had islands! I must have been absent the day they covered that in my geography classes?! Looking at pictures, I imagine Binz is a relaxing place. Like you, I’d love to return to Germany, especially to check out some of their Christmas markets you’ve written about – they sound wonderful!

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