I Got a Face Mask With My Magazine 😷

In my post Gift Ideas for the Francophile in Your Life, one of my gift ideas was a subscription to France-Amérique Magazine. The monthly publication helps readers keep up with current news on France and French culture around the world. I find its bilingual English and French format helps me improve my reading comprehension, too.

A few months ago, I decided to treat myself to a one-year subscription to the magazine. I couldn’t resist their limited-time offer of 40% off! I’m glad I subscribed when I did.

With their July 2020 issue, France-Amérique Magazine sent subscribers one complimentary face mask from Lainière Santé along with the message, “This is our way of saying merci for helping support our French culture magazine & bon courage.”

According to Lainière Santé, “The triple-pleated face mask filters more than 70% of 3-micron particles.” The reusable masks are produced in France using eco-responsible textiles. They can be washed 10 times.

It’s a bit large for my face, but the material feels nice and soft

To Wear or Not to Wear a Mask?

These days it seems more and more people are growing frustrated with face masks. True, after prolonged use, the straps can irritate your ears. Your face gets sweaty. If you wear glasses like me, you know how annoying it can be when the steam from your breath fogs up your lenses!

While most people I’ve seen wear masks outdoors, I’m seeing more and more so-called “Anti-Maskers” who won’t wear a face mask. They believe the virus is a hoax and that the government is trying to control or silence us by making us cover our mouths.

Well, OK. You do you. But I’d rather err on the side of caution.

I believe infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, Dr. William Schaffner, who recently stressed on TV: “It’s a lot easier to wear a face mask than a ventilator.”

Wearing face coverings in public is mandated in California. But even if it weren’t required, I’d still wear a mask. If wearing masks can slow the spread of COVID-19, I’ll do it — for me and for you!

Stay healthy and safe, everyone! 😷

I’m curious to know: How do you feel about wearing face coverings? Are they required where you live?

10 thoughts on “I Got a Face Mask With My Magazine 😷

  1. Here in Germany, masks are required in stores and on public transport. I always have one with me, and put it on when I go inside or if I find myself in a crowd of people.

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      1. I think so, but we haven’t done any indoor restaurant dining since the pandemic started. Especially since our favorite restaurant has been demolished to make room for a new apartment building, and all the big old chestnut trees in their former beer garden have been cut down. (Sad, but I must admit that new housing is urgently needed.)

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      2. They’ve promised to put in a restaurant in the ground floor of the new building, but there won’t be room for a beer garden, and of course no century-old chestnut trees.

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      3. About the trees, what a loss. (Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” song comes to mind…) But OK, that’s good they’re planning a new restaurant in the new building 👍🏼

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    1. When some places demand masks and others don’t, the confusion adds to the frustration, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder some people just give up and don’t wear masks at all! It was a nice surprise to get a mask made in France. Interesting your masks come from Italy – love the international collaborative spirit!

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