Bonjour! This week’s carte postale features the seaside town of Biarritz, located in southwest France on the Atlantic coast, just north of the border with Spain. The town is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy surfing, golfing, or going to the spa.

Top left: La Grande Plage is the largest of Biarritz’s six beaches.
Top right: Hôtel du Palais was originally built by Napoleon III for his wife, Eugénie. Today, the property is a 5-star luxury hotel.
Center: Le Rocher de la Vierge is a rock formation with a statue of the Virgin Mary on top of it
Bottom left: From Le Rocher du Basta you can see the whole Grande Plage
Bottom right: Le Port Vieux is a smaller, kid-friendly beach

For more information:
Biarritz Tourisme

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!