Music Monday: Les cornichons

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Les cornichons

Songwriters: James Booker, Nino Ferrer

Performed by: Rue ’66

Lyrics I like:

On n’avait rien oublié

C’est maman qui a tout fait

Elle avait travaillé trois jours sans s’arrêter

Pour préparer les paniers, les bouteilles, les paquets

Et la radio

Le poulet froid

La mayonnaise

Le chocolat

Les champignons

Les ouvre-boîtes

Et les tomates

Les cornichons


We didn’t forget anything

Mom did everything

She worked three days without stopping

To prepare baskets, bottles, packages

and the radio

cold chicken




bottle openers

and tomatoes



Until next Music Monday, have a good week ahead.

*music & lyrics | all rights reserved*


    1. Glad to hear that – Les cornichons is such a fun and energizing song, isn’t it? It makes me hungry, though. 😂 Thanks for telling me about Suis-moi – I’ve added it to my French Song Playlist. Merci! If you like The Little Prince, check out this song that was inspired by it. It’s a French adaptation by Aude Gagnier of “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. I think it’s so sweet.


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