Wednesday Postcard: Riquewihr, France

Photo: Kugler

half-timbered houses decorated with geraniums

Bonjour! This week’s carte postale comes from Riquewihr, a commune located in the Grand Est region of France, near the border with Germany.

For more information:

Le Pays de Ribeauvillé et Riquewihr 

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!


  1. I visited Riquewihr almost two years ago, and I can vouch that it’s a colorful and quaint little village! I remember also getting vin chaud with a cute mug I got to keep, as I’d gone during the holiday season. Ended up doing the countryside stroll through Hunawihr and Ribeauvillé, all the while seeing the gorgeous vineyards. Thanks for jogging my memory with your postcard!

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    1. I was hoping you’d like this one since you mentioned you went there when you visited Strasbourg! 😀 I like walkable places. I’m curious: how much time did it take you to do/see everything in Riquewihr and nearby towns?

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      1. Riquewihr is really small, so I think an hour or two is enough to see it all. Ribeauvillé is a bit bigger with more things to see and do, so you could definitely do a half-day there!

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