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Title: J’ai perdu le nord

Songwriters: Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez

Performed by: Donald Reignoux

Lyrics I like:

Je ne sais plus quoi faire

Lorsque la vie nous sépare

Je suis comme un vieux bateau

Qui guette la lumière du phare

Je suis comme une boussole

Qui a perdu le nord, et le sud

L’est et l’ouest

Quand tu pars


I don’t know what to do

When life separates us

I’m like an old boat

Who watches the light of the lighthouse

I am like a compass

Who lost the north, and the south

East and west

When you leave


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A personal north guides you, tells you when you’re on the right track, and gives life meaning. What/who is the most important to you?