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Title: San Francisco

Songwriter: Maxime (Bruno) Le Forestier

Performed by: Maxime Le Forestier

Lyrics I like:

C’est une maison bleue

Adossée à la colline

On y vient à pied, on ne frappe pas

Ceux qui vivent là, ont jeté la clé


On se retrouve ensemble

Après des années de route

Et l’on vient s’asseoir, autour du repas

Tout le monde est là, à cinq heures du soir


Quand San Francisco s’embrume

Quand San Francisco s’allume

San Francisco, où êtes-vous?

Lizard et Luc, Psylvia, attendez-moi!


It’s a blue house

Leaning against the hill

We go there on foot, we don’t knock

Those who live there threw away the key


We find ourselves together again

After years on the road

And we come to sit around the meal

Everyone is there at five in the evening


When San Francisco is foggy

When San Francisco lights up

San Francisco, where are you?

Lizard and Luc, Psylvia, wait for me!


In early 2020, the famous blue house was put on the market for $3.45 million: Iconic Reimagined Three Level Dolores Heights Victorian

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