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Title: Dekshoo

Songwriters: Radio Radio

Performed by: Radio Radio

Lyrics I like:

Ej* dirais point qu’j’su** pauvre, j’dirais plutôt qu’j’su broke

Thank god ça m’coûte rien à m’promener sur la côte

Parce j’aime les couchers de soleil pis^ watcher~ les bateaux

Avec de l’easy listening jazz qui joue sur mon radio


I wouldn’t say I’m poor, I’d rather say I’m broke

Thank God it doesn’t cost me anything to walk on the coast

‘Cause I like sunsets and watching the boats

With easy listening jazz playing on my radio


Considered a form of franglais, Chiac is spoken mainly in the southeastern part of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

*Ej = et je (and I)

**qu’j’su = que je suis (that I am)

^pis = et (and)

~watcher = to watch

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