Wednesday Postcard: Andorra

Postmarked July 1999

Bonjour (or should I say Hola!) This week’s carte postale features the cities of Andorra.

The Principality of Andorra is a small, landlocked sovereign state (468 sq km/ 181 sq miles) located on the border between Spain and France.

Since 1993, the honorary heads of state are co-princes: the President of France and the Bishop of Seu d’Urgell of Spain.

Catalan is the official language, but Castilian, French, and Portuguese are also spoken in Andorra.

Although Andorra is not a member of the European Union, they use the euro as their national currency (as evidenced by the stamp on the postcard above).

For more information:

Visit Andorra Tourism Office

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, be safe and stay healthy.


  1. Have you ever actually been to Andorra? I haven’t, and have no intention of going, since there is no railway connection. I would find it interesting, though, to visit the nearby town of Latour-de-Carol, on the French side, whose railway station is the terminus of three lines, each with different gauges.

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    1. I haven’t been to Andorra, although it sounds like it would make a nice day trip destination (by car or bus) when visiting Toulouse or Barcelona. That’s a fascinating fun fact about Latour-de-Carol – thanks for sharing!

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  2. I almost had the chance to visit Andorra as a day trip from Toulouse, but it never came to fruition! If I ever return to SW France or NE Spain some day, I’m making it my goal to head over for a taste of the small country…just because! 🙂

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