Cover illustration: Asher Berard

“Blooming Bare”

Author: Morgan Richard Olivier
Publisher: Concise Publishing (North Carolina, USA)
Publication Date: February 2021
Genre: Self-help, inspirational, poetry
Pages: 277

Written by Morgan Richard Olivier of New Iberia, Louisiana, this book is a collection of affirmations that you can read whenever you need a little reassurance or a big confidence boost. The book’s title, “Blooming Bare” is part acronym with “BARE” representing the four sections and themes of the book: Breaking; Assessing; Redirecting; and Embracing.

From the book’s introduction, the author states that she “so badly wanted to find my place in this world and in the hearts of the people who resonated in mind that I got lost along the way. I found burdens, bruising, and brokenness. Yet, in all of those, I found the awareness and meaning to push through my pain and see the bigger picture.”

I read the book in one sitting and found myself putting sticky notes on dozens of the author’s revelations (often written as poems) that struck a chord with me. For example:

An excerpt from Untitled, page 70:

We make time for people and things
that mean something to us.

If someone loves you,
they will give you their effort
-not their excuses.

An excerpt from Bigger, page 100:

Don't let small minds or small towns lead you to limit your dreams, make you feel stuck in their idea of you or cause you to believe that what you see is all that is out there.

An excerpt from Wait for It, page 139:

What's meant and aligned for you will come at the right time. It will come at a time that you are truly ready to handle, appreciate, and understand it.

An excerpt from Growing Pains, page 149:

If it doesn't help you grow, you need to let it go.
As difficult as it may be to release people, mindsets, and environments that are familiar to you-I promise the burden is much heavier whenever you try to carry them into a season where they don't belong.

An excerpt from I'm A Woman, page 244:

I'm not a princess looking to fit in glass slippers.
I'm a queen who is ready and able to shatter glass ceilings.

The following entry appears toward the end of the book (in the Embracing section), but it was my introduction to the author’s work when I first saw it on Instagram.

An excerpt from Unapologetic, page 264:

I'm no longer the “I'll always be there for you” type of person. It's not because I don't love you or because I think I'm too good now. It's because I know my worth and have to protect the person I'm becoming.

Without ever going into specifics, the author manages to relay the many relatable challenges she has experienced and how she came out stronger and wiser. It’s the kind of book I wish I’d had when I was desperately searching and shaping my own identity in my twenties! If I’d had this book then, I would’ve been a little less hard on myself. The author’s words remind you to keep the faith because everything works out eventually.

Overall, this book serves as a soothing reminder to take care of yourself, specifically your mental wellbeing. That’s great advice at any age!

About the Author

Morgan Richard Olivier is an American author, advocate, wife, and speaker. Her goal is “to crush the image and pursuit of perfection by captivating the raw beauty of sincere progress.”

You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you purchase her book through her website like I did, she will sign it for you (just let her know when you order the book that you want it signed).

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