Wednesday Postcard: San Francisco’s Chinatown

Hello! This week’s postcard features the Dragon Gate in San Francisco’s Chinatown!

Photo: K. Glaser, Jr.
  • The Dragon Gate was completed in 1970
  • China donated 120 ceramic tiles depicting parts of Chinese history
  • Located on Grant Avenue and Bush Street, the arch marks the south entrance to San Francisco’s Chinatown

After our lovely lunch at Wayfare Tavern, my family and I took a stroll around nearby Chinatown.

Portsmouth Square Park with a view of the Transamerica Pyramid
“This marks the site of the first public school in California” (1848)
welcome to Portsmouth Square Park
Rack of San Francisco postcards at souvenir shop in Chinatown
one of many souvenir shops in Chinatown
Red lanterns and statue wearing face mask
spotted on Grant Avenue and Clay Street
a view of the Bay Bridge from the cable car tracks on Grant Avenue and California Street
across the street from this French bistro, you can see…
…the Dragon Gate!

Over the years, I have accumulated hundreds of postcards from around the world, which I’ve either purchased from my local antique shops or received from thoughtful family and friends who know I collect them. When I travel, I also like to send myself a carte postale just for fun!

I hope these postcards will make you want to revisit a favorite vacation spot or to embark on a journey to the destination of your dreams (when it’s safe to travel freely again, of course!)

And if you’ve been to the destination featured, tell me about your experience there – I’d love to hear from you.

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, take care!

Woman taking photograph of statue with her phone
Thanks to my dear husband for this “behind the scenes” snapshot 🙂


  1. Never been to Chinatown whilst in SF over a decade ago; I didn’t have much time in the city, unfortunately, but its main entrance looks large and imposing! Definitely will have to check it out should I return. 🙂

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    1. When you return to SF, consider having a meal at Café de la Presse, one of the French restaurants in Belden Place (it’s like SF’s French Quarter!) You’ll also get a great view of the Dragon Gate!



  2. Great photos and thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights into this wonderful place.
    I have not been lucky enough to visit San Fran yet, but I hope to in the future. It sounds amazing.

    If you are interested in other travels, mainly Africa, then please check out my blog which is all about my former life as a safari guide and my subsequent travels and photography.

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂

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