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Title: De temps en temps
Songwriters: André Hornez, Paul Misraki
Performed by: Joséphine Baker

Lyrics I like:

Si tu m’écris
Ne me dis pas que tu m’adores
Mais pense à moi de temps en temps
Car bien des fois le cœur ignore
Ce que la main écrit souvent


If you write to me
Don’t tell me that you love me
But think of me from time to time
Because many times the heart ignores
What the hand writes often


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American-born French superstar, Joséphine Baker (1906-1975) was not only an entertainer. She was also part of the French Resistance during World War II, a civil rights activist, as well as a mother of 12 children that she adopted from around the world.

On November 30, 2021, she will be the first Black woman to be inducted into the Panthéon, where many of France’s national heroes are buried.

While « J’ai deux amours » is arguably Joséphine Baker’s most famous song, today I’m listening to « De temps en temps » (1939). In the song, she asks that you don’t just tell her you love her, but also to think of her “from time to time.” Not only is France professing her love, but the historic inclusion of Joséphine Baker at the Panthéon guarantees that she will be remembered forever.

I like to listen to songs en français, so I won’t forget the French I learned in school!

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