I heard that it’s World Chocolate Day (July 7)! Chocolate is my favorite food, so I like to think that every day is Chocolate Day. In honor of this special occasion, I’d like to share some of my blog posts featuring seven of my favorite chocolate things.

Benedict in Berlin, Germany

I ordered the Black Forest pancakes, which were so rich that it was like eating chocolate cake! (Read more – Visiting Berlin: Where to Eat)

ONE65 Pâtisserie & Boutique in San Francisco

I simply wanted to peruse the sweet treats in the pâtisserie, located on the ground level. There were many beautiful confections: candies, macarons, viennoiseries, cakes, and tarts. The sensory overload made it impossible to choose. (Read more: ONE65 Pâtisserie & Boutique in San Francisco)

Michoko dark chocolate coated soft caramels – made in France

I love Michoko Noir, the dark chocolate coated soft caramels made in France. I discovered them in France and, thankfully, I’ve even seen them at my local French pâtisserie sold by the piece. (Read more – Michoko Noir: Dark Chocolate Covered French Caramels)

Dark Chocolate Petit Pot – made in Emeryville, California

J’adore Petit Pot! I first saw the cute jars of pots de crème at my local grocery store a couple of years ago. As a Francophile, I was charmed by its logo: a blue jar wearing a striped shirt, an orange beret, and a smile. He even has a name: Il s’appelle Louis! (Read more – Petit Pot: Organic French Pudding Made in California)

Starbucks Reserve in San Francisco

The drink on the right is the Dark Chocolate Strato – “a creamy, icy beverage finished with an espresso float” (Read more: Strolling Around San Francisco’s Marina District)

Whole Foods Market in Oakland, California

I took this picture in the San Francisco Bay Area. But the napkin holder, with its French message (“Save the planet and your smile, one napkin at a time”) along with an Italian chocolate chip cannoli made me think I was somewhere else, miles away from home… (Read more: Leave the Gum, Take the Cannoli)

British Airways

This lunch was my absolute favorite! The chocolate mousse dessert was delicious! (Read more: Airplane Food)

Have a sweet day!

Tell me in the comments: Do you like chocolate?

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