[Updated: January 2023]

Happy Croissant Day!

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Just for fun, here’s a round-up of my favorite croissant-related content, followed by pictures of my favorite croissants!

LEGO Friends minifigure of Mia and a croissant
NEW: LEGO Friends minifigure of Mia and a croissant!

large puff pastry cake on plate and two small croissants on serving board
NEW: croissants I made from extra puff pastry I used for the Galette des Rois (2023)
NEW: plain croissant from Tim Hortons at Toronto Pearson Airport (2022)
croissant with red raspberry ribbon on brown plate with fork, napkin, espresso in a small espresso cup on a saucer
NEW: chocolate raspberry croissant from ONE65 Pâtisserie in San Francisco (2022)
butter croissant from Crispian Bakery in Alameda, California
butter croissant from Nespresso Café in San Francisco
pain au chocolat from CDG Paris airport
chocolate croissant and fork on a small plate
pain au chocolat from La Châtaigne in Lafayette, California
chocolate croissant on small plate
pain au chocolat from Tartine in San Francisco
butter croissant from Urth Caffé at LAX
croissant in wooden tray with tiny jar of strawberry preserves
butter croissant from Steak & Lobster Restaurant at London Heathrow
butter croissant from CDG Paris airport

In southwest France, chocolate croissants are called chocolatines. Imagine my delight in asking for one by name at a Farmers’ Market near Toulouse:

chocolatine from the farmers’ market near Toulouse
canvas tote back with French words Le Matin, une chocolatine which means a chocolate croissant every morning
canvas tote bag I got from a boutique in Toulouse

When I returned to California, I noticed chocolate croissants being sold as chocolatines at a local bakery:

La Farine in Oakland, California

Ah, if only I could, I’d have a croissant in France every day!

Back to reality… and closer to home, I love the mini croissants from Safeway:

pack of mini croissants in a clear container
natural butter croissants from Safeway

I like to eat them plain or I fill them with Nutella, apricot jam, or chicken salad. These mini croissants may not be made in France, but they satisfy this Francophile just the same.

Enjoy your Croissant Day! 🥐