When things get overwhelming, I remind myself to take a moment to breathe, recite the Serenity Prayer, and practice self-compassion. Most of the time, however, I forget all of that and I just stress eat! I usually reach for something sweet.

Top news story on Tuesday: Indictment of a former president over something I think is stupid (there’s all this drama now, but in the end, nothing will have changed.) Meanwhile, everything is getting expensive, the weather is wild, and big wars continue to rage over there, while I fight little battles over here, like plumbing issues, insomnia, taxes. Ugh.

I gladly interrupt this program… with this rather sad-looking Napoleon, or mille-feuille:

this Napoleon looks defeated

Belmo Café

After placing my order for one Napoleon slice, a couple of almond crescent cookies, four pecan shortbread, two pistachio baklava, and a butter croissant, the soft-spoken baker and owner of the French-Algerian bakery, Belmo Café said there’d be about a ten-minute wait for the Napoleon.

croissant and assorted cookies in a box

Not a problem, I thought. Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, yes and no.

No. The puff pastry on the Napoleon had an off putting burnt taste, but was somewhat redeemed by the not-too-sweet vanilla pastry cream.

Yes! The baker gave me a lagniappe in the form of a chewy walnut baklava, which was delicious!

walnut baklava and free taste good

I’ll be back for more of their walnut baklava and flaky croissants. 🥐

That said, please don’t stress eat like me! When things get overwhelming, it’s healthier to take a moment to breathe, recite the Serenity Prayer, and practice self-compassion (I’m working on it.) 😊 Take care!