Alleluia! Happy Easter (if you celebrate) and if you’re in the northern hemisphere like me, I hope you’re having a happy spring so far! 🐣💐🐰

To celebrate Easter, I made a passionfruit mimosa! Did you know the oval, seed-filled tropical fruit goes by different names?

In French, it’s apparently called fruit de la passion, which is disappointing as it’s just a literal translation of passionfruit! Surely a beautiful language like French could have a more colorful name for it! (If there is one, please let me know!)

For example, passionfruit is lilikoi in Hawaiian, maracujá in Portuguese, and maracuyá in Spanish (also called parchita, chinola, or grenadilla in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic, respectively.)

I, for one, can’t resist an opportunity to use an alliteration, so I present to you a maracuyá mimosa, my Easter Sunday beverage of choice!

The recipe couldn’t be simpler: one part chilled champagne or sparkling wine and one part passionfruit juice. Et voilà !

food on table with orange colored drink, plastic eggs, and a card that says Happy Easter Happy Spring
my maracuyá mimosa

I gave up meat and alcohol for Lent

As the teaching says, meat was considered an indulgence and by giving it up, it was a form of penance to honor Jesus’ sacrifice. Catholics are asked to abstain from eating meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and every Friday during Lent.

Well, as a conflicted Catholic, I like to put my own twist on traditions! While I did give up eating meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and every Friday during Lent, I also decided to abstain from drinking alcohol from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (46 days).

Except for occasional bouts of insomnia, I didn’t experience any major withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t even miss it! I may not have scored any extra credit points with the higher power for giving up alcohol, but I’m certain my liver appreciates the effort!

Some of the health benefits of passionfruit include promoting restful sleep and reducing insomnia. Knowing that makes the mimosa even better! 😉 Santé ! 🍹

passionfruits and one cut open showing its seeds
passionfruit (photo: Pexels)

Tell me in the comments below: What are your thoughts about passionfruit?