Bonjour ! This LEGO World Map measures an impressive 25.5 in x 40.5 in (65 cm x 104 cm) when completed! Imagine this as a giant postcard!

The map before we connected the plates and attached the frame

My department recently applied for and received a generous grant to use for community building. I was part of the organizing team and we decided to purchase the LEGO World Map! At 11,695 pieces, we learned it’s the largest LEGO Art Set to date.

What I love about this map is that you can configure it one of three ways. You can put the Americas or Europe & Africa or Asia & Australia in the center. I also like its simplicity and how there are no borders, just representations of landmasses and bodies of water.

The set includes 40 plates that each hold 256 small, round LEGO bricks (definitely not for the younger set with tiny hands and curious mouths!) The instruction booklet says it would take about 16 hours to assemble, but our community of over 50 people did it in half the time (including 45 minutes to connect the plates and attach the frame).

What is DEIB?

Apart from building the LEGO World Map, the main objective of the day was to support the community principles of DEIB, which stands for:

Diversity (Everyone came from diverse experiences and backgrounds.)

Equity (To ensure fair treatment and accommodate all abilities, we had the hard copy of the instruction booklet and the electronic version of the instructions accessible by QR code, which saved paper, too!)

Inclusion (Everyone was invited. Each person was greeted as they entered the room and asked to introduce themselves to others they hadn’t met before.)

Belonging (Everyone was given the option to build part of the map or simply join conversations or drop by for a catered continental breakfast, sandwich lunch, dessert and coffee.)

I’d even observed a few instances when someone couldn’t complete their plate so someone else offered to help or pick up where they left off.

It appears I’m not alone in thinking it was a wonderful thing to see and experience. Several attendees have expressed an interest in having community building days on a regular basis!

If you are looking for a team/community building activity, I recommend the LEGO World Map! But don’t delay. While this art set was just released in 2021, the LEGO World Map is rumored to be retired later this year!

World music playlist

I simply couldn’t resist curating a playlist of world music for the event.

Here are 30+ songs in various languages, like Arabic, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Navajo, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. I also included instrumental music used for traditional Filipino and Greek dances! 🎶

Tell me in the comments below: What team/community building activities do you enjoy?