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About Me

[Updated April 2023]

Bonjour and welcome to my blog

Hello, I’m Darlene, a San Francisco Bay Area native, mom, and academic human resources professional. I’ve been a Francophile since I was 12 years old!

Since the launch of this blog in 2018, it’s been my aim to have fun, provide value to readers, and accomplish a few things, like:

  • connect with people from all around the world and exchange ideas
  • inspire more travel through my postcard series
  • promote the study of French language and culture through my French song playlist, book reviews, and more

Are you a Francophile, too? Tell me your story. I invite you to read mine: A Francophile is Born.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Say Bonjour! Send me an email: bonjourdarlene (at) gmail (dotcom) or find me on Twitter & Instagram @bonjourdarlene

I love these Girl Scout Lemon-Ups cookies 🍋 (April 2023)