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About Me

[Updated April 2022]

Welcome to my blog, Bonjour : A Francophile Blog!

My blog’s mission is to consistently provide value to readers by sharing my love of (almost) all things French, inspiring more travel, and connecting people from all around the world.

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native, mom, writer, and academic human resources professional. I’ve been a Francophile since I was 12 years old!

Bonjour : A Francophile Blog is a personal blog that focuses on (almost) all things French. I say “almost” because my blog is in English. (But from time to time, I’ll share some French poems I’ve written!) I also love to write about my fondness for:





…and more.

I launched this blog in early 2018 to chronicle my second trip to France. (My third trip was a brief layover at Paris CDG in 2020, just before the pandemic began.) Since then, my blog has been growing into a friendly community of fellow Francophiles, supportive bloggers, and cultural experience enthusiasts.

Are you a Francophile, too? Tell me your story. If you want to read mine, I invite you to read my post, A Francophile is Born.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay safe and healthy!


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