What’s On My Shelter-in-Place Playlist

Photo: Retha Ferguson on Pexels.com

My office recently sent out a brief survey to staff consisting of one question and a request for three songs to add to the “Quarantine Playlist” that they’re putting together.

I want to share my responses with you!

How has listening to music enhanced your shelter-in-place experience?

Listening to music with soothing melodies and comforting lyrics helps me relax. Knowing that other people are listening to the same songs also makes me feel closer to them. It’s important to feel that connection especially during this time of social and physical distancing.

These three songs that I’ve added to the playlist may sound a bit melancholic, but I find reassurance in the following uplifting lyrics:

🎶 Sign of the Times by Harry Styles:

“Just stop your crying / it’ll be all right”

🎶 Orpheus by Sara Bareilles:

“I know you miss the world / the one you knew / the one where everything made sense… / if the bottom drops out / I hope my love was someone else’s solid ground / don’t stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos / though I know it’s blinding / there’s a way out”

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🎶 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by various artists. My favorite is Lauren Daigle’s version:

“O Soul are you weary and troubled? / No light in the darkness you see… / and the things of earth will grow strangely dim / in the light of His glory and grace”

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I hope you enjoy these three songs, too! Be well and stay safe.

Tell me in the comments below: What are some songs that bring YOU comfort during challenging times like these?

New Sara Bareilles Music Brings Comfort “Amidst the Chaos”

Whether you enjoy introspective ballads or uptempo songs with a throwback sound, you’re sure to find calm and comfort amidst the chaos in Sara Bareilles’ new music!

American musician Sara Bareilles has expressed in interviews that she was inspired to write/co-write all the songs on “Amidst The Chaos” after the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

The album title comes from a lyric in the song “Orpheus,” the eighth track on the album:

“Don’t stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos/ Though I know it’s blinding there’s a way out”

Image from Amazon Music

Some of the chaos she describes involve hot-button topics, like the #MeToo movement (in her song, “Armor”), immigration policies (in a duet with John Legend, “A Safe Place to Land”), and mental health (“Eyes on You”).

Regardless of your stance on these and other political issues, you’ll find comfort in the familiar melodies of her new songs. For example:

  • If I Can’t Have You (written by Sara Bareilles, Emily King & Aaron Sterling) – This song has a bouncy Motown sound with the most clever lyric and hyperbole:

Image from Amazon Music

  • Miss Simone (written by Sara Bareilles & Lori McKenna) – This song is reminiscent of another Sara Bareilles song. The track “1000 Times” from her 2013 album, “The Blessed Unrest,” laments unrequited love or losing a romantic partner. In “Miss Simone,” the melodic continuation makes it easy to imagine the same person moving on and basking in the tenderness of a more positive and reciprocal love relationship.
  • Wicked Love – This upbeat song’s hook, “I don’t want your wicked love” recalls the part in The Beatles’ tune “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da” that goes “La la how the life goes on.”
  • Orpheus – This song starts slow and despondent, evoking the melody of “Comme d’Habitude/ My Way.”

No matter how tough or chaotic life gets, we’ll get through it. Like a good friend, Sara Bareilles’ songs will reassure you that you’re not alone.

Listen here: