Music Monday: J’imagine

In keeping with the spirit of the 2020 Olympics, I’ve been listening to the inspiring theme song from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games called, “I Believe” by jazz-pop singer, Nikki Yanofsky.

I also love the French version that was co-written and recorded by Annie Villeneuve:

In 2017, the Utah-based One Voice Children’s Choir performed a bilingual English & French version under the direction of Masa Fukuda.

Title: J’imagine (I Believe)
Songwriters: Alan Frew, Stephan Moccio; Thierry LeFlamme, Annie Villeneuve
Performed by: One Voice Children’s Choir (under the direction of Masa Fukuda)

Lyrics I like:

J’imagine une force invincible
La beauté d’un monde uni
J’imagine que l’on peut voler
J’imagine cette force une réalité


I imagine an invincible force
The beauty of a united world
I imagine that we can fly
I imagine this force a reality


Watch their beautiful video that was filmed in Paris:

music, lyrics & videos | all rights reserved

I like to listen to songs en français, so I won’t forget the French I learned in school!

Until next time, enjoy your day and the week ahead. Stay well! 🎶

Music Postcard: “Ma Normandie”

Congratulations to Amandine Petit (Miss Normandie) who was crowned Miss France 2021 last weekend (December 19, 2020)!

I couldn’t decide between Music Monday or Wednesday Postcard for this one, so for fun, here is a music postcard!

This undated postcard features the lyrics to the song, “Ma Normandie” written by poet and composer, Frédéric Bérat (1801-1855). It’s the unofficial regional anthem of Normandy, located in northwestern France.

Watch the lyric video:

« J’irai revoir ma Normandie,

C’est le pays qui m’a donné le jour. »


“I will go see my Normandy,

It’s the country that gave birth to me.”

*music, lyrics, and video | all rights reserved*

See you next week! Joyeux Noël/Merry Christmas🎄