Music Monday: J’imagine

In keeping with the spirit of the 2020 Olympics, I’ve been listening to the inspiring theme song from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games called, “I Believe” by jazz-pop singer, Nikki Yanofsky.

I also love the French version that was co-written and recorded by Annie Villeneuve:

In 2017, the Utah-based One Voice Children’s Choir performed a bilingual English & French version under the direction of Masa Fukuda.

Title: J’imagine (I Believe)
Songwriters: Alan Frew, Stephan Moccio; Thierry LeFlamme, Annie Villeneuve
Performed by: One Voice Children’s Choir (under the direction of Masa Fukuda)

Lyrics I like:

J’imagine une force invincible
La beauté d’un monde uni
J’imagine que l’on peut voler
J’imagine cette force une réalité


I imagine an invincible force
The beauty of a united world
I imagine that we can fly
I imagine this force a reality


Watch their beautiful video that was filmed in Paris:

music, lyrics & videos | all rights reserved

I like to listen to songs en français, so I won’t forget the French I learned in school!

Until next time, enjoy your day and the week ahead. Stay well! 🎶

Music Monday: Fever

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Fever

Songwriters: Angèle, Caroline Ailin, Dua Lipa, Ian Kirkpatrick, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Julia Michaels

Performed by: Dua Lipa & Angèle

Lyrics I like:

Car dans mes yeux, ça se voit

La fièvre dans les yeux, oui, ça se voit

Mon cœur se serre, j’ai du feu dans la voix

Le plus souvent, c’est quand je pense à toi


Because in my eyes, it shows

Fever in my eyes, yes it shows

My heart tightens, I have fire in my voice

Most often it’s when I think of you


*music & lyrics | all rights reserved*

I hope Dua Lipa performs this song during her exclusive online performance “Studio 2054” on November 27, 2020!

I have my ticket to see Dua Lipa. Do you have yours? “See” you at Studio 2054! 🎶

Music Monday: Remember Paris

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Remember Paris

Songwriter: Bruno Nicolini

Performed by: Bénabar

Lyrics I like:

Mon accent est toujours là

Et moi? Moi, je me souviens de toi

Quand je m’balade au bord de la Seine

Je pense à une Américaine!


My accent is still there

And me? I remember you

When I take a walk along the Seine

I think of an American!


Do you remember Paris?

I think this playful song would fit in nicely on the Emily in Paris (Netflix) soundtrack!

It’s easy to imagine that it’s one of Emily’s many charming suitors singing to her, wouldn’t you agree? 💕

Until next Music Monday, have a good week ahead.

*music & lyrics | all rights reserved*

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Music Monday: Kraft Dinner

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Kraft Dinner

Songwriter: Lisa LeBlanc

Performed by: Lisa LeBlanc

Lyrics I like:

Faudrait pas dire ça à personne

Mais j’aimerais ça t’écrire des poèmes

Avec des beaux mots qu’on comprend pas

Ni l’un ni l’autre

J’aimerais ça qu’on se fasse une soirée

Avec des p’tites fleurs pis des chandelles

Mais j’trouve ça quétaine pour mourir

Pis toé aussi

Au pire on rira ensemble

On mangera du Kraft Dinner

C’est tout ce qu’on a de besoin


Shouldn’t tell this to anyone

But I’d like to write you poems

With beautiful words that

Neither you nor I understand

I’d like to have a romantic dinner

With flowers and candles

But I find that cheesy to death

And you do, too

At worst, we’ll laugh together

We’ll eat Kraft Dinner

That’s all we need


Until next Music Monday, have a good week ahead. Stay safe.

*music & lyrics | all rights reserved*

Music Monday: C’était toi (You Were the One)

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: C’était toi (You Were the One)

Songwriter(s): Billy Joel

Performed by: Billy Joel

Lyrics I like:

Je recherche l’affection

Qu’une autre pourrait me donner

Mais après tout

Je sais qu’il n’y a personne

Personne qui puisse me sauver

Tu étais la seule


I’m looking for affection

That another could give me

But after all

I know there is no one

No one who can save me

You were the only one


Until next Music Monday, have a good week ahead!

*music & lyrics | all rights reserved*

Music Monday: Qué Vendrá

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Qué Vendrá

Songwriter(s): Davide Esposito, Laurent Lamarca, Luis Frochoso

Performed by: Zaz

Lyrics I like:

Dans mes joies

Dans mes peines

Dans mes choix

Dans mes larmes

Je laisse aller mes sentiments


In my joys

In my sorrows

In my choices

In my tears

I let my feelings go


Until next Music Monday, have a great week ahead!

* music & lyrics | all rights reserved *