Free Upcoming Virtual Events You Won’t Want to Miss

[Updated: September 26, 2020]

This is not a sponsored post.

Image: Pexels

Are you learning a new language? Are you on WordPress? Want to enjoy a French language/cultural experience from the comfort of home?

If so, then you may be interested in these FREE upcoming virtual events and experiences.


Duolingo, the popular language learning app, hosted their second DuoCon, a FREE all-virtual conference on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

There were presentations and live Q&As from innovators in language, learning, and technology, and announcements of new Duolingo products and features. Duolingo’s founder and CEO, Luis von Ahn, gave an update on the state of Duolingo.

I enjoyed the talk by Dr. Anne Charity Hudley of UC Santa Barbara called “Black Languages Matter: Learning the Languages and Language Varieties of The Black Diaspora.”

ICYMI: Watch a complete recording of the entire conference here.

WordCamp Los Angeles (WCLAX 2020)

Saturday-Sunday, October 17-18, 2020

Have you ever wanted to attend WordCamp, a conference about all things WordPress?

This is your chance to check it out.

Register for your FREE General Admission ticket and you’ll get to participate in the networking and discussion channels on both days (October 17-18, 2020). When you register, you have the option to put your photo, social media link, and website link on their Attendees page. That means more exposure for you and your website or blog.

A couple of talks on the WCLAX 2020 schedule that I’m eager to check out are:

  • Creating content for everyone: Tips for ensuring your digital presence is accessible (by Natalie MacLees, founder + principal of Digitally)
  • Importance of Readability for SEO Copywriting (by Marieke van de Rakt, CEO of Yoast)

I went to my first WordCamp last year – you can read my Notes from WordCamp Sacramento 2019.


Ongoing; visit their website to view upcoming experiences

Do you want to learn French? Enjoy immersive language experiences from the comfort of home with Depaysio.

I recently got an email from American expat and entrepreneur, Stefanie Kouatchet announcing the launch of her company called Depaysio. (The name takes its name from the French word dépaysement, which describes the feeling of being in a foreign country or environment.)

Based in France, Depaysio offers immersive language and cultural experiences online, such as small-group cooking lessons, drawing workshops, and virtual Paris tours led by native French experts.

Most experiences are available in two formats: 100% French immersion OR mostly in English with relevant vocabulary and expressions in French.

If you sign up for Depaysio’s newsletter, you can try your first experience for FREE!


I’ve signed up and marked my calendar. Maybe I’ll see you at these virtual events! Until then, take care and stay safe.

March 22 is World Water Day: How You Can Help Provide Water for All

For your trip to Paris, did you add “sparkling water fountains” to your to-do list because they sound cool?

I know I did! Although there’s reportedly one fontaine pétillante in each of the 20 arrondissements in Paris, I didn’t see a single fountain that dispensed sparkling water when I visited last spring. Oh, well. NBD.

Really. Missing the sparkling water fountains was No Big Deal

Really. It’s no big deal when you consider all of the heartbreaking stories about people in the world who cannot access one of life’s basic needs: clean water! Whether it’s due to natural scarcity, poorly maintained infrastructure, or political interference, the global water crisis is completely mind blowing! For instance:

  • The water crisis in the American city of Flint, Michigan has been going on since 2014

How you can help provide water for all

Today (March 22) is World Water Day and here are a few things you can do to help because water scarcity is a global crisis that cannot be ignored.

  • Appreciate your access to clean water
  • Donate money to a water-related organization
  • Increase awareness by reading more about water scarcity and talking to others about it
  • Recognize that bottled/canned water is a luxury
  • Reduce your water use
  • Run for fun in support of a water-related charity

…And Savor the experience when you finally encounter that fountain of sparkling water in Paris because what flows from it truly is what makes it a big deal.