Gift Ideas for the Francophile in Your Life

[Updated: October 7, 2019. This post is not sponsored.]

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who’s a fan of all things French? Need help finding something they’ll love? Look no further – I’ve made a short list of gift ideas that are sure to please!

  • Fleur-de-lis bookends, like these:
  • advent calendar: 24 limited-edition mini jars of jam, spreads, and honey (like these by Bonne Maman, available through Simply Gourmand)
  • chocolate-covered caramels (like Michoko, available through Simply Gourmand)
  • for budding Francophiles/Francophones — French first words language workbook for kids in Grades 1-3. I bought one from Target:
  • subscription to a magazine (like this bilingual English/French magazine, France-Amérique)bilingual magazine
  • blank journals and notebooks (like these by Rhodia)
  • Paris notecards, like these:

  • triple-milled soap (like these by Le Petit Marseillais, available through Monoprix or Amazon)

these soaps have a light and fresh scent and make lots of bubbles

  • short stories or novels set in France (available at bookstores everywhere)

bargains at Barnes & Noble

  • Celebrating France’s World Cup 2018 victory, these reusable drawstring bags are both stylish and useful. I found these at Soccer Post, but you can purchase them from online stores, like eBay


  • Another one for budding Francophiles — Children’s books, like the Fancy Nancy series:

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  • Got ideas for gifts that a Francophile might appreciate? Let me know in the comments below!

    How Jewel Made Me Think of Breakfast

    “I got my eggs and my pancakes, too/ I got my maple syrup, everything but you…”

    -from “You Were Meant For Me” by Jewel (J. Kilcher/S. Poltz)

    Today (May 23) is Jewel‘s birthday! I heard this hit song of hers the other day and its delicious lyrics inspired this post about my favorite meal of the day: Breakfast!

    Breakfast, you were meant for me

    Any time of day, I can eat traditional American breakfast foods, like yogurt with granola, bacon, sausage, hash browns, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with butter and maple syrup, and bagels with lox and cream cheese, to name a few.

    But on weekday mornings, when I’m pressed for time, breakfast is something simple. I’ll grab a fruit or pastry to eat with coffee before I head out the door.

    Here are some breakfast foods I enjoy when I have a little more time to savor them.

    Homemade breakfast:

    My younger daughter made this Egg in the Basket

    In France, I remember enjoying a tartine, or toasted baguette with butter or homemade apricot jam. I remember the sweetest Joker orange juice, too:

    Le petit-déjeuner chez M. Didier

    Sometimes I’ll try to recreate it:

    Breakfast in restaurants:

    that’s not a saucer, that’s a plate! Giant butter croissant from Piedmont Café & Bakery in Oakland, California

    avocado toast from The Bistro in Rancho Cordova, California

    When you make eggs, do you “break the yolks and make a smiley face” like Jewel sings in her song? 😀

    I’m curious about breakfast foods from around the world!

    Tell me in the comments below: What’s your favorite breakfast?