French-Canadian Film: “Modified”

I recently attended a community screening of Modified, a French-Canadian documentary about “a food lover’s journey into GMOs,” or genetically modified/engineered organisms. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this film is a must-see for anyone who eats food. So, yes, it’s for everyone! In the 90-minute award-winning film, filmmaker, Aube Giroux, takes viewers on her journey as she tries to understand why over 60 countries label their genetically modified food, while countries, like Canada and the United States, do not. Traveling from Québec and Nova Scotia, Canada to Paris, France, then to Davis and San Francisco, California, followed … Continue reading French-Canadian Film: “Modified”

Organic and Vegan Makeup: French Girl Le Lip Tint in Claire

My sensitive skin makes it impossible to wear makeup without me wanting to scratch my face off. As a result, I don’t wear a lot of it. When I want a little color, I usually pinch my cheeks like ladies from the Victorian era were known to do! Most days, I wear tinted moisturizer and eye liner. The bare minimum is lip balm. So imagine my delight when I discovered lip balm by a Seattle, Washington-based company called French Girl! I got the clear French Girl Le Lip Tint, aptly named, Claire. At $14 per 0.17 oz/5 ml tube, it … Continue reading Organic and Vegan Makeup: French Girl Le Lip Tint in Claire