Poem: Épine chérie

Translated from French: Darling Thorn Like a thorn You hurt me Like a thorn You protected the flower Like a thorn You touched me deeply Like a thorn You made my blood run Like a thorn There is an untold number But you were the one I wanted So I picked you But you pricked me instead Like a thorn I’ll remove you And lick my wounds Like a thorn You’ll leave a scar And I’ll look at it While thinking of you Because that’s all I have As someone Without a thorn. 🥀 From The Quiet Child – Poems … Continue reading Poem: Épine chérie

If You’re Learning French, Read These 3 Books

When my daughter’s French teacher recently asked for donations of new or gently used French-language books to add to her classroom’s library, these three books immediately came to mind: Ourika by Claire de Duras Mes parents by Hervé Guibert Paroles by Jacques Prévert I had to read these books for my French classes and I recommend them to anyone who’s learning French. Ourika by Claire de Duras Published in 1823, this novella tells the story of a young woman from Senegal named Ourika. When she was a young girl, she was sent to live with a Parisian family, with whom … Continue reading If You’re Learning French, Read These 3 Books