The Posts You Liked the Most in 2019

I keep my postcards in here


As 2019 wraps up, I want to thank you for engaging with my blog – I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and feedback.

Overall, it appears you engaged the most with my posts about makeup, museums, and music!

Here are my blog’s top 10 posts this year (including the most liked Wednesday Postcard):

Most Viewed Posts 📖

Most Liked Posts ⭐️

Most Liked “Wednesday Postcard” 🗺 (tie)

I encourage you to read all of them again and share the ones you like!

Thanks again! Happy New Year! 🥳

Got a favorite post you’ve written in 2019? I want to read it! Share the link in the comments below.

Wish You Were Here: A Postcard Every Wednesday

Bonjour! I’m celebrating my blog’s first anniversary this week! 🎉

I can’t believe it’s been one year since I hit the publish button on my first post titled delightfully by default, The Journey Begins in 2018.

To continue the journey theme, I’m excited to announce a new series: Wednesday Postcard! I hope these postcards will make you want to revisit a favorite vacation spot or to embark on a journey to the destination of your dreams!

Each week, I’ll share a picture postcard from my personal collection of France and other Francophone regions, plus a few surprises.

Over the years, I have accumulated about two hundred postcards from around the world, which I’ve either purchased from my local antique shops or received from thoughtful jet-setting family and friends who know I collect them. When I travel, I also like to send myself a carte postale just for fun!