Salesforce Park: San Francisco’s Newest Rooftop Park Reopens

In August 2018, a four-block long rooftop park above the Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco welcomed its first visitors, but had to close several weeks later when they found some structural damage. After about nine months of repair work, Salesforce Park reopened on July 1, 2019.

You can ride the gondola UP to the park:

…But to go DOWN, take the elevator or escalator:

Here are some plants and flowers at the Park:

Agave: the source plant of tequila
Dragon tree at Salesforce Park in San Francisco

Fun for the family:

It’s actually a Starbucks!

Free yoga, guided meditation, and cardio exercise classes are held on the grass in front of the amphitheater:

Building segments are connected by seismic separation joints like this one, which will move during an earthquake

What kind of bird is this?

This cute bird was near the aloe plants:

If you know what kind of bird this is, please let me know in the comments below!


    1. Oh, it’s a sparrow! Now I’ll think of this little birdie whenever I hear the Lauren Daigle song, “Everything” when she sings “Even the sparrow has a place to lay its head…” Thanks, Carolyn 👍🏼

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