Good Vibes Only at the Seaside Town of Capitola

In Capitola, California, a seaside town about 76 miles/ 122 km south of San Francisco on the coast of Monterey Bay, you can imagine you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean! Look at these colorful houses!

I’d love to learn how to Stand Up Paddleboard, like this girl on the creek

This picture was taken from the Capitola Wharf. The colorful houses are on the left.

Only a few steps away from the beach, you’ll find boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in Capitola Village. For example:

You can feast on the freshest seafood! Enjoy outdoor patio seating while you have lunch at Zelda’s On the Beach:

fried calamari and fries

A trip to a seaside town wouldn’t be complete without some saltwater taffy. I like maple bacon flavor! Pick your favorites from the over 70 flavors at Carousel Taffy & Treats:

Remember your day trip to Capitola and pick up some souvenirs from the cute shops in Capitola Village, like this shirt from Capitola Reef:

Positive message: Good Vibes Only

… or this postcard from a boutique called Sea Level (which the shop owner confirmed was located at actual sea level!):

I can’t get enough of the colorful houses! Here’s another look:

Tell me in the comments below: What’s your favorite seafood? What’s your favorite saltwater taffy flavor?


  1. Lovely! I visited back in 1993 when my friend and I drove from San Francisco to LA. We stopped briefly to see it, but it looks totally different in your photos. That was 26 years ago and I was a young whipper snapper😂 my favorite seafood is lump crab cakes (MD of course 😊) salt water taffy would probably be citrus flavored. Lovely post. Cheers, Carolyn

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  2. Capitola looks like a beautiful town! I’m more familiar with the area between San Simeon and Morro Bay especially Cambria and Cayucos, love those little towns!
    I too love Maryland crab cakes but for salt water taffy, it’s peanut butter all the way!

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