Strolling Around San Francisco’s Marina District

What you may have heard is true! The San Francisco Bay Area is currently experiencing scheduled power outages, strong winds, and poor air quality due to smoke from wildfires. But that won’t keep us from going out and about enjoying life!

These photographs were taken on Saturday (October 26, 2019) during a leisurely stroll I took with my family in San Francisco’s Marina District.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar | 2132 Chestnut St in San Francisco

Classic Affogato – “2 shots of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream” and Dark Chocolate Strato – “a creamy, icy beverage finished with an espresso float”:

I am reusing the plastic cup! It’s sturdy and it looks nice, too. This location is a coffee bar only. It doesn’t have a roastery. (Read about my visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle here.)

Le Marais Bakery (North Beach location) | 2066 Chestnut St in San Francisco

Another Le Marais Bakery in San Francisco! Two down, one to go! (Read about my visit to the Le Marais Bakery in the Mission District here.)

someone left their art in San Francisco

Looking east from Yacht Road Alcatraz Island:

Looking west from Yacht Road Golden Gate Bridge at golden hour:

Palace of Fine Arts:

A swan swims in the tranquil Palace Lagoon:

Have you been to San Francisco? Tell me in the comments below!

Let’s keep everyone impacted by the California Wildfires in mind and hope they stay safe.


  1. The wildfires in NorCal are insane; I live in SoCal, and even here we’re feeling the effects from them. Hope the residents remain safe and the wildfires cease soon. It has been nearly a decade since I went to San Francisco, and I hope to return to explore it more!

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    1. I’m also following the news about the SoCal wildfires. My heart goes out especially to people who are super sensitive to smoke and people who’ve had to evacuate their homes. Stay safe over there! Let’s hope rain comes soon! We can grab coffee and a croissant the next time you visit SF.

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    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you! Fortunately, my family and I are far away from the wildfires, but the strong winds over the weekend really blew the smoke far and wide. Of course, it’s worse for all the people who’ve had to relocate for safety – I hope they stay safe. I’m happy to hear your visits to SF have been good ones!

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