Wednesday Postcard: Berlin, Germany

Grüße aus Berlin! (Bonjour from Berlin!)

Top: Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

Bottom left: East Side Gallery

Bottom right: Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Alexanderplatz

I recently visited one of my dearest friends who lives in Berlin, the capital of Germany. (She sent me the Wednesday Postcard from Mallorca and also inspired my French Perfume post!)

My older daughter took this photo of us:

Brandenburg Gate | 18. Feb 2020

For more information:

Visit Berlin – official website

Until the next Wednesday Postcard, à bientôt!

*more to come on my visit to Berlin


  1. My husband was stationed there in the late 60s as part of the Berlin Brigade (Army) and patrolled the wall. He wants to revisit it at some point in the future.

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    1. Hi Nancy, your husband must have some interesting stories about his time there! For me, just seeing the remnants of the Wall was a moving experience. When it’s OK to travel again, hope you and your husband get to (re)visit Berlin. Thank you for sharing!


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