Music Monday: Hymne à l’amour

Now playing on my French song playlist:

Title: Hymne à l’amour

Songwriters: Marguerite Monnot, Edith Piaf

Performed by: Christiane Brisseau

Lyrics I like:

J’irais jusqu’au bout du monde

Je me ferais teindre en blonde

Si tu me le demandais

J’irais décrocher la lune

J’irais voler la fortune

Si tu me le demandais


Je renierais ma patrie

Je renierais mes amis

Si tu me le demandais

On peut bien rire de moi

Je ferais n’importe quoi

Si tu me le demandais


I would go to the ends of the earth

I would dye my hair blonde

If you asked me to do it

I would reach for the moon

I would steal a fortune

If you asked me to do it

I would deny my homeland

I would disown my friends

If you asked me to do it

You can laugh at me

I would do anything

If you asked me to do it


Watch French cellist, Gautier Capuçon perform the song from the Eiffel Tower (October 2020):

*music, lyrics, and video | all rights reserved*

I like to listen to songs en français, so I won’t forget the French I learned in school! Are you studying French? I hope you’ll find this series entertaining and helpful, too!

Got a French song I should add to my playlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Until the next Music Monday, have a good week ahead!


  1. My favorite song from Edith Piaf! It’s the first one I’ve ever heard of her from a cover by Josh Groban. Since then, I’ve been hooked! Merci d’avoir partagé cette jolie chanson!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avec plaisir. Yes, Josh Groban’s version is pretty, too! It’s devastatingly sad, but the intense love and devotion come through in the song. It’s one of my favorite Édith Piaf songs. I like it more than (dare I say it?) « La vie en rose » !🌹

      Liked by 1 person

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