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Title: Mon amour
Songwriters: Luc Van Haver, Paul Van Haver, Camila Cabello
Performed by: Stromae with Camila Cabello

If your name happens to be Natasha, Nathalie, Laura, Aurélie, Emma, Emmanuelle, Sophie, Eva, or Valérie, lucky you! You’ve got a shout-out in this cheeky song! It reminds me of Lou Bega’s 1999 cover of Mambo No. 5.

I prefer this version of the song because Belgian superstar, Stromae and Cuban-American singer, Camila Cabello harmonize so well on the chorus! Of course, I think it’s cool that Cabello sings in French, too!

The part she sings in English, however, should’ve been left out. Cabello’s vocals are autotuned (not in a good way) and the English lyrics in her verse are terrible!

Thankfully, they made a funny video to go along with the song to serve as a distraction. It’s a parody of the popular reality television show, Love Island. I instantly recognized the reference to the Villa because coincidentally, I just started watching Love Island (UK) for the first time ever (no spoilers for Season 8, please!)

Lyrics I like:

Mon amour, mon amour
Tu sais qu’il n’y a que toi
Et que je t’aimerai pour toujours


My love, my love
You know you’re the only one
And that I’ll love you forever

*music, lyrics, and video | All rights reserved*


I remember learning the construction of ne … que to mean “only” in French. Usually, I see it in writing, but I don’t hear it in spoken French as often. Most of the time, I hear people just say seulement. But I could be mistaken. In any case, the chorus in Mon amour helps me practice saying ne … que!

I like to listen to songs en français, so I won’t forget the French I learned in school! Are you studying French? I hope you’ll find this weekly series entertaining and helpful, too!

Until next Music Monday, have a great week ahead. ☀️